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Published on July 1, 2021

The Dubai World Expo is to be held from October of this year for 182 days. More than 190 countries are supposed to participate with pavilions that will provide immersive and enriching cultural experiences to everyone who visits. For more than 170 years, the expo has showcased innovations that changed the world, from the telephone to the x-ray machine and even the ice cream cone. And this year will be no different. If you are participating in the expo, you will be guaranteed to have a wonderful time introducing something new to all who visit your pavilion. And to ensure you can do your very best and enjoy the experience to the fullest, you need an expo storage unit in Dubai. We will examine why it is important in this blog.

You can keep your pavilion and residence organized

Given the duration of the event spans months, you will have to find a suitable space to store infrequently used equipment and belongings. It is because keeping them in the pavilion or your room might not only make the area look cramped, but it could also become disorganized and messy. 

Therefore, to ensure your pavilion looks wonderful and attracts visitors and your room is comforting to be in, you need to rent a storage unit to store anything unnecessary. We offer a wide range of sizes for our units, from 50 sq ft to over 1000 sq ft. Depending on the number of items you plan to keep and their dimensions, you can choose a suitable one. Due to how busy the expo is, we can pick your things and store them for you if you cannot drop the items off.

They can store any additional belongings they do not need during the expo

The primary location of the expo is near the Dubai border and Abu Dhabi, which could be an hour’s drive or more away from the city center. If you have brought belongings with you that you do not need during the expo but will require when taking a break or traveling to the central part of the city, you can keep them in our storage facilities

We will keep them securely until you wish to take them back. As our storage units are temperature-controlled, your belongings will be maintained in optimal condition. The items can also be retrieved with ease whenever you want, and if you cannot collect them, we can drop them when you need them.

You can securely store things after the expo ends

If you are not planning to head back home as soon as the expo wraps up, then you can keep all the props, supplies, and equipment you brought for your pavilion in our storage unit. As our facilities are highly secure with round-the-clock CCTV operation and state-of-the-art technology, you do not have to worry about your belongings’ safety when they are stored in our units. So you can explore the city or take care of your matters freely. 

The Expo 2020 provides many opportunities for you and your team to showcase your talent and represent your country with pride. However, to do so, you need to be in a calm state of mind, and worrying about how to store your belongings and props will not help. Therefore contact our storage company in Dubai to inquire about the solutions we offer.