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Published on April 13, 2022

When it comes to storing Electronics, Extra care should be taken. You should always put in mind that some electronics are not designed to be stored for so long without being used/plugged, For example, Laptop. You may find yourself having difficulties starting it up after a long period of storage. We all might have dealt with the hassle of storing Electronics before. So here we explain the steps you should consider to safely store your electronics.


Remove All the Batteries

Before you do anything, always first check if your electronic device has batteries. If they have batteries, remove them before you store the electronics because you will ruin your device if the batteries are left inside the devices while you store them. Batteries tend to leak if they aren’t in use for a long period while still connected to an electronic device. It might damage the battery container of the electronic devices. Removing batteries from the device you don’t use should become a habit. Trust me you don’t want to deal with the mess they cause.


Cover Those Gaps and Vents

Whenever you are going to store your electronic devices, especially if it’s going to be long-term storage, always try and cover every single gap and hole in them. This will prevent dust or pests from getting inside the electronics. Speaking of pests, a storage unit with pests should never take your money in the first place.


Store in Your Original Packaging

Always keep original cartons of your electronic devices in a safe place for the times you will need them. It’s not debatable that the factory packaging is the best when it comes to safety, to keep your electronics. If you are considering long-term storage of your electronics, that’s always the best time to pull the original boxes out.


Bubble Wrap for Extra Protection

Using bubble wrap is one of the safest ways to pack your electronic devices for storage. It gives that extra protection to the devices especially when screens get involved. Always use bubble wrap on electronic gadgets while packing them for storage, mostly on the TV screens and on those sleek edges that can easily get broken.


Secure Your Data

This is an important step, especially when storing devices that may contain important data that you may later need. Always secure your data by backing up your devices. There are many ways you can back up your data from your devices. You can use External Hard drives, CDs, and flash disks to transfer the data and store it.  You can also consider cloud storage which is affordable and also has the advantage of accessing your data from anywhere and on any device using the internet.


Silica Gel

Not like it’s an important step but using Silica gel will help in soaking up excess humidity and keeping your device dry. In case you are wondering what is a “Silica Gel”? Well, if you have ever bought a new pair of shoes or a handbag, there are some white salt-like crystal packets you found inside, that is what a silica gel is, and the only reason they put them there was to absorb Moisture.


Clear Labelling

Seal the packing off with “Fragile” tape labeling together with the “handle with care” sticker to strike a warning to the movers or warehouse attendant. This doesn’t always guarantee the total safety of your devices but it can make a big difference, and always remember to indicate on the carton which side is UP, and stick “Do Not Stack” tags if you feel they shouldn’t be stacked.


Dealing With Cords/Cables

Dealing with cables can give you a headache especially when they are so many, but it’s not that complicated at all. First things first, take pictures of the cables before disconnecting them from the devices unless you are sure where each cable goes. But taking a picture or a video will simplify everything for you when you get your devices and you need to connect them back. I would recommend dropping the cables/cords into the same carton of each device or you can get one plastic storage box and keep all cables together, labeled of course.


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